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How durability of a roof is affected by environment

Everybody wants a strong durable roof. Roofing repairs are expensive and any house owner will see to it that the number of times when this activity is necessitated is significantly minimized. When purchasing roof materials, manufacturers usually approximate the lifespan of the roofing material. But how exactly is this lifespan altered by environmental factors?

A number of environmental factors affect the durability of a roof are discussed below.

Nearness to large salty water body

Those living near large salty water bodies will have to contend with the unavoidable situation of salty water corrosion. It is a known fact that the presence of salt significantly increases the rate and magnitude of corrosion in materials. This simply implies that when water evaporates from these water bodies, which later leads to rain, the salt content in the rain will do considerable damage to your roof.

Hot humid climate

This type of climate is mostly experienced in the equatorial region, tropical regions and during summer in the high latitude regions. These climatic conditions are especially detrimental to metallic roofing materials. Presence of water vapor in the atmosphere is enough to cause corrosion but when this presence is accompanied with high temperatures, the corrosive effect shoots up. So severe is the situation that even clay roofing products are also affected. To get a quote for roof restoration in the melbourne area - contact at least 3 providers and choose the best one.


One may be tempted to think that the sand particles in a desert are too small to do any damage to a roof. Think of how rock pedestals are formed. It is indeed true that the speed of wind in the deserts are very high due to the absence of obstacles to interact with the wind and slow it down. And also imagine how hard the sand particles are. If they can progressively eat away hard rocks, you can imagine what they can also do to a roof.

Glacial effects

Mostly affects high latitude areas. The effects are particularly severe during winter. When snow forms on the roof, they exert a lot of direct stress on the roof that can in the end cause dents. This is especially true for roofs made of iron sheets. Also helping to wreck the damage is the contraction forces within the ice structure. As ice hardens, there occurs some forces within the ice and since the ice is in direct contact with the roof, these forces are transmitted to the roof. This may lead to warping and distortion of the roof surface.

Forested homes

It is a good thing to have many trees surround your home ; the serenity that it brings is irresistible. The little known fact is that these same trees could be the ones eating away the roof. Notorious for this are the tree species that shed leaves during the dry season to reduce loss of water and will only recover when the rains start. When shedding the leaves, these leaves are blown away by the wind.Small twigs are carried too. With time, the leaves and twigs start to rot. It is also known that when leaves of some tree species rot, they produce an acid that corrodes roofs, and this will definitely call for a roofing repair.


A big percentage of large industries emit smoke. When this smoke rises to the upper atmosphere, it reacts with water vapor leading to the formation of acid rain. Acid rain 'eats' away both metallic and clay roofing materials and introduce
holes in them and eventually a leaking roof.

In conclusion, even though different types of roofing materials have their assigned lifespan , this lifespan may be reduced by the environmental factors. When constructing a house, get ready for roofing repair because you do not know when your roof will be rendered ineffective.

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