The Roof of your House; can it really have an Effect on your Home’s Curb Appeal?

In most cases, the roof of your house is a very visible, dominant feature.  If you change anything on the roof, the color, the shape, or the type of coverage, that change will immediately transform the appearance of your property.

Since your roof installation is the most visible and largest feature of the home’s exterior, it seems plausible to give it close attention when upgrading and improving your house.  The roof of your home plays an important part of the overall curb-appeal of your house.

How can you give your Roof that Extra bit of Eye-Catching, to set your home apart from the neighborhood?

  1. Change the Colour of your roof:

Pressure-washing can clean a dust-covered roof and freshen up its color.  This is an inexpensive improvement that will liven up a tired-looking property.

Replace sun-bleached roof tiles.  Choose out of new colors and types of tiles to fit the rest of your house.

Paint your roof.  You can choose out of a variety of colors, getting the best match for the exterior of your home.

  1. Change the Shape of your roof.

Changing the shape of the roof is a more radical alteration and will also be more expensive.  This change can, however, have a very dramatic impact.  For example, you can increase the pitch of the roof.  It will change the whole outlook of your home.  You can even fit a loft room extension inside the higher pitched roof.

  1. Change the Roofing Material.

Different types of roofing materials create different effects.  The correct choice of roof covering will definitely enhance your home’s overall look.  You can choose a roof covering that will go together with the outside exterior you want to create on your house.

  1. Repairing the gutters and downpipes.

A freshly changed roof will surely need its gutters to get a new fresh start too.  Check for sagging and missing shingles.  Repair what needs repairing.  Also, give the gutters and downpipes a fresh painting.

  1. Add a Porch.

This will give a lot of character to the whole of your home and as far as being an ‘extension’ of the roof; will definitely draw the attention towards the rest of the roof.  This will be a sure thing to steal the attention away from the rest of the neighborhood’s homes.

A roof update remains a certain way to give the appearance and value of your home, a serious boost.  A great looking roof will definitely draw a lot of attention and increase the curb-value of your home, making it the envy of the neighborhood.